Microbiology Efficacy Testing

Through a mix of on-site sampling and laboratory testing within a world-leading facility, Test Labs can conduct a wide range of research and testing requirements for a wide range of needs.
Microbiological environmental sampling set-up

Environmental Sampling

We take on-site measurements to quantify the contamination levels of your environment. This includes Air Sampling via a Bio Sampler and Settle Plates, Surface Sampling via Swabs and Contact Plates, and Water Sampling. We also offer a contract service for long term testing projects.

Technology efficacy testing set-up

Technology Efficacy Testing

We are up to date with the latest technological innovations on automated decontamination and, as a result, we are equipped to test the efficacy of technologies such as UVC Light, Ozone, and Vaporised Hydrogen Peroxide using internal methods based on the latest standards.

Disinfectant efficacy testing set-up

Disinfectant Efficacy Testing

We offer a wide range of tests for determining the efficacy of disinfectant products, such as wipes, sprays, and hand sanitizers. In addition to offering UKAS accredited reports, we offer consultancy on the process of getting your new formulation approved.

Material compatibility testing set-up

Material Compatibility

Our material compatibility service helps to identify the effects of disinfection activities on products and surfaces. Through a visual and physical assessment, we test the effects of disinfectant products and technologies on materials like metals, polymers, textiles, and leather.

Product Testing

We rigorously test a wide variety of products, whether that is performing HALT Testing to simulate the entire life cycle or doing stress testing to operate the product under extreme conditions to identify potential damages. We also test amended products to verify if the proposed solutions work.

Contract Research

If you need to perform a research study, but your in-house capabilities are not enough, our Contract Research service is perfect for you. As part of this, you get access to the vast expertise of our team members and receive a research study plan especially tailored to your needs.

Literature Reviews

Our knowledgeable team members can perform Literature Reviews on a wide variety of topics, including Microbiology, Chemistry, Material Science, Engineering, and Infection Control. As part of this service, you will receive a detailed report summarizing the relevant research studies.


We can develop new formulations to meet your product requirements, and we can also amend existing formulations to improve their efficacy or make them suitable for specific applications. Throughout our formulation service we ensure that the product is safe and that it meets the relevant health and safety regulations.

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