Test Labs is an ISO 17025 laboratory

Test Labs is an infection prevention testing and research laboratory dedicated to providing decontamination tests for all products and equipment used in healthcare settings. Our work ensures product compatibility and longevity within their environment while reducing its impact as a potential vector of transmission.

Through over 12 years of listening to feedback from healthcare professionals and analysing the industry, we harness our cumulative knowledge to research complex infection prevention and control questions. Our approach breaks down the individual facets of your research question to provide a comprehensive testing report with accessible results for easy integration into your product development plan. Supported by a team of scientists and a custom-built UKAS accredited testing laboratory, we’re open to discussions about any research projects and testing to accelerate product sales.

An ever-changing healthcare landscape means that meeting the bare minimum of cleaning requirements is no longer enough. As all products and equipment are vectors of transmission, efficient decontamination processes are key to infection prevention and control.

Test Labs Facility

We will…

Close up of hand cleaning medical equipment

Develop cleaning protocols for your medical product(s) through discussing and understanding your product, requirements and use cases, aligning with infection prevention and control strategies to enhance cleaning instructions, extending the cleaning lifecycle of the product.

protective equipment under UV light

Test your product or equipment for full-lifecycle exposure to cleaning and/or decontamination technologies, material compatibility and efficacy of biocides so you know your product is made to last in a healthcare environment.

Close up of person wearing protective glasses

Carry out tests against relevant EN standards in accordance with the Biocidal Products Regulation in our state of the art, purpose-built UKAS accredited testing laboratory.

With our research, you can be sure your products will sustain a range of decontamination and cleaning technologies, and meet industry requirements. We look forward to becoming your research and testing partner.

Why Choose Test Labs?

One of a kind. We are the only UK facility with a comprehensive knowledge of the vectors of transmission that provide dedicated testing for medical devices based on infection prevention and control (IPC) strategies in a UKAS accredited testing laboratory.

We provide an end-to-end consultancy service where microbiology, chemistry and material sciences are all under one roof.

Proven experts in infection control. You benefit from our in-depth knowledge of healthcare decontamination, acquired over 12+ years, and our unique understanding of hospital acquired infections (HAIs) and infection prevention.

Sustainable solutions. We’re always looking for smarter ways to use biocides effectively, optimise dosages and reduce energy consumption.