Welcome to the heart of Test Labs!

We’re more than just a group of experts in medical device validation; we’re a friendly and approachable team that genuinely enjoys working together. While we’re passionate about what we do professionally, we’re also real people with lives beyond the lab. Get to know us a bit better and discover why we make such a great team!

Leadership team

Tautvydas Karitonas

Managing Director

Enrico Allegra

Head of Laboratory

Toni Carlton

Head of Quality and Compliance

Anthea Nelson

Legal Counsel

Joe Rice

Finance Director

Lizzie Robson

Head of Human Resources

Holly Scott

Executive Assistant

Business development team

Marianne Browning

Business Development Manager

Eleanor Barnes

Grant Funding Manager

Mark Salazar

Business Development Executive

Terry Artizada

Business Development

Paul Cantley

Business Development Manager

Expert laboratory team

Sophie Bell

Senior Study Manager - Toxicologist

Chris Sibanda

Study Manager

Sabera Begum

Laboratory Scientist - Microbiology

Riwia Chetian

Laboratory Scientist - Microbiology

James Tolmie

Laboratory Scientist – Product Testing

We are a team of experts in medical device evaluation, validation and problem solving

Our Test Labs family is composed of talented individuals who come from diverse backgrounds, but we share one common goal: to provide you with fast, precise, and dependable results.

Explore our key laboratory areas

Microbiology Laboratory

We are fully equipped to perform a wide variety of microbiology tests using bacteria, yeast, fungi, and bacterial spores.

Test chambers

We have built state of the art Test Chambers – all with a stainless steel interior and equipped with a wide range of sensors.

Chemistry Laboratory

Our chemistry lab is fully equipped to perform a wide variety of tests, that supports formulation and materials development.

Strong foundations are built with robust Quality Management Systems
August 7th 2023

Test Labs Achieves Unparalleled Status as the Only Accredited UK Laboratory for Crucial Medical Device Reprocessing

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March 31st 2023

A Guide to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP): Everything You Need to Know

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