Medical Device Material Compatibility Assessment

We analyse test item materials at both sample and product level to assess process compatibility.

Disinfectants and cleaning agents applied to surfaces and products, in formats such as liquids, sprays, and vapours, have the potential to cause chemical damage as well as changes in the visual appearance and physical properties of the materials they come into contact with.

Through our Material Compatibility Testing service, we developed a custom testing plan that takes into consideration the mode of action and recommended use of your disinfectant product and/or technology. We measure the effects of your products on a wide variety of materials, helping you to determine the damages that can happen overtime.

Using our team’s expertise in material science, we developed a series of in-house tests based on industry standards to properly analyse test item materials at both sample and product level during the Initial and Final Assessments.

Results from these tests provide important qualitative and quantitative data for assessing potential structural and surface damage at a visual, physical, and chemical level.

FDA Medical Device Material Performance Requirements – Guide

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Post-Market Surveillance (PMS): Everything You Need to Know

The purpose of a PMS system is to identify risks, not previously known, and opportunities for improvement in a timely fashion

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