Medical Device Biocompatibility Testing

We offer tests which evaluate cytotoxicity and biological risks within the chemical make-up of a medical device.

Our biocompatibility testing is a fundamental step in allowing a medical device to be recognised as safe for use. All medical devices which encounter human tissue should be subject to biocompatibility testing, critically cytotoxicity evaluation. Test labs offer tests which aid in addressing the biocompatibility of medical device materials. These tests are performed to ISO 10993-5 to determine cytotoxic potential.

To determine which test are relevant to your device, Test labs offer a biological evaluation plan (BEP) which will identify the tests needed for your medical device, as well as sourcing available information on your product. After constructing the BEP and performing the required tests and sourcing the biocompatibility information, Test labs offer a biological evaluation Report (BER) with the complete set of justifications and results on your product.

In vitro biocompatibility testing – Skin irritation: Everything You Need to Know

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Medical Device Biocompatibility Testing: Everything You Need to Know

Biocompatibility testing is fundamental in deciphering if a medical device is safe to use when introducing a medical device into t...

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Clinical Evaluation

We develop and implement procedures to collect, appraise, and analyse clinical data pertaining to your medical device.

Medical devices bioburden testing

Our team will determine the presence or absence of bioburden on your sterile or non- sterile medical devices.

Disinfection products for medical devices

We test the efficacy of a wide range of disinfectants for medical devices, including disinfection technologies and robots.

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Microbiology Laboratory

We are fully equipped to perform a wide variety of microbiology tests using bacteria, yeast, fungi, and bacterial spores.

Test chambers

We have built state of the art Test Chambers – all with a stainless steel interior and equipped with a wide range of sensors.

Chemistry Laboratory

Our chemistry lab is fully equipped to perform a wide variety of tests, that supports formulation and materials

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