Medical Device CRO with a testing laboratory accredited to ISO 17025

Keeping Microbiology, Material Science, and Chemistry expertise all under the same roof, we are equipped with the latest technology to perform testing at a sample and product level.

Our multipurpose laboratory was custom built from an empty warehouse. With the purpose of supporting your testing needs, we combine different testing areas within the same facility, allowing us to provide a smooth and interdisciplinary service.

These are the different testing areas within our laboratory:

Test Chambers

We have three state of the art Test Chambers of sizes 67 m3 and 12 m3. Each chamber is fully sealed with a stainless steel interior and equipped with a wide variety of sensors, including temperature and humidity. This not only allows to monitor the parameters throughout the test from the exterior screens, but also allows to recreate environments with special conditions to simulate the real-life challenges of the tested products.

Microbiology Lab

This represents the main working area of the lab were the samples from the disinfectant efficacy tests, technology efficacy tests, and environmental monitoring tests are processed. We are fully equipped to perform a wide variety of microbiology tests using bacteria, yeast, fungi, and bacterial spores.

Media Preparation

We have a dedicated space to prepare the required media, perform the autoclaving processes and cleaning of reusable equipment, and prepare chemical formulations. As part of our UKAS accreditation, on this space we have calibrated equipment such as balances and pH meters.

Chemistry Lab

Our Chemistry Lab is fully equipped to perform a wide variety of tests, from titration to formulation development, also including gas calibrations. This area of the lab works closely with the microbiology lab to check the concentration of disinfectant products and develop new formulations, as well as with the material science to expose materials to disinfectant products during compatibility studies.

Material Science Lab

Our material science capabilities were purposely built to support our material compatibility studies. We have a Colour Assessment Cabinet to visually assess any potential material damages due to decontamination technologies. This information is later complemented by quantitative methods with the use of calibrated equipment, such as colour meters and opacity meters.

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