Our approach

At Test Labs, our ethos is grounded in partnership. It’s not just about delivering results; it’s about co-creating a pathway beyond market access. We believe in consultative testing approach and that’s what we provide.

Starting with You

After establishing a robust understanding of your needs, we zero in on identifying the optimal methodology to meet your testing requirements. This could mean following established industry standards or innovatively crafting new testing protocols tailored specifically for you.

Understanding your needs is the cornerstone of the Test Labs experience. Our focus on customer insight ensures that we not only meet but exceed the expectations of regulatory and notified bodies.

Finding Your Test Fit

Once we understand what you need, we figure out the best way to help you and deliver fast, accurate results. Sometimes that means sticking to the tried-and-tested standards. Other times, it means creating a bespoke system to deliver your results.

Making It Work

We’re not just throwing ideas at the wall to see what sticks. We use everything we’ve got to come up with solutions that aren’t just theoretical; they’re practical and ready for real-world application.

Results You Can See

We’re in this together. Your win is our win. We’re here to help you get your product to market and we know we’re doing it right when so many of our clients recommend us to others. Your performance is the measure of our relevance.

Explore our key laboratory areas

Microbiology Laboratory

We are fully equipped to perform a wide variety of microbiology tests using bacteria, yeast, fungi, and bacterial spores.

Test chambers

We have built state of the art Test Chambers – all with a stainless steel interior and equipped with a wide range of sensors.

Chemistry Laboratory

Our chemistry lab is fully equipped to perform a wide variety of tests, that supports formulation and materials development.

Strong foundations are built with robust Quality Management Systems
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