Our Research and Testing Services

Microbiological environmental sampling set-up

Environmental Sampling

We do on-site microbiological environmental sampling of the contamination levels of air, surfaces and water.

Technology efficacy testing set-up

Technology Efficacy Testing

We test the efficacy of disinfection technologies, such as UVC light and biocide disinfection machines.

Disinfectant efficacy testing set-up

Disinfectant Efficacy Testing

We test the efficacy of a wide range of disinfectants, including wipes, sprays, and hand sanitisers.

Material compatibility testing set-up

Material Compatibility Testing

We measure the effects caused by disinfection activities on a wide variety of surfaces and products.


Easy Steps to Microbiology Testing

Your Test Labs journey to gaining insights begins when you submit an enquiry and/or sample submission form

We will arrange time with you to fully understand your testing requirements and need-specific goals

We will carry out all required sampling and testing whilst keeping you fully informed along the way

We will issue you a detailed report of the results and outcomes in a concise and understandable way

Areas and Industries Who We Help


Technology Companies

Food Industry

Networks for Academic Health Science

Design and Development Teams

Government Agencies

Medical Device Companies

Healthcare Suppliers

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Water Testing Companies

Disinfectant Manufacturers

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