Riwia Chetian

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Riwia has completed her bachelor’s degree in Medical Microbiology and went on to extend her knowledge by completing an Immunology masters from Imperial College London. Her MSc thesis titled ‘characterising the role of MALT1 paracaspase activity in psoriatic CARD14 signalling’ equipped her with experience in handling in-vitro assays, cell culturing techniques and exposure to an adverse number of analytical methodologies that are utilized under many industrial settings. Riwia’s educational background instills in her the qualities to precisely conduct experiments and confidently test novel methods, alongside comfortably communicating scientifically at a high degree. She hopes these skills will be further developed in her role as Microbiologist at Test Labs.

Riwia is an enthusiastic and hardworking Microbiologist and Immunology masters graduate, whose experience allows her to assist on multiple areas at Test labs, whether that be introducing novel in-vitro testing or generally expanding the microbial scope.

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