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James has a degree in English Literature & Creative Writing Editing. As a freelance copy editor, he gained experience in editing and proofreading scientific papers as well as blog posts.
Before joining Test Labs, James worked as a Mastering Technician for over two years where he developed a variety of skills he now puts to use at Test Labs. As part of a research and development team, James tested new products and software and regularly reported findings to key stakeholders. Alongside this, he maintained an archival database of nearly 3,000 customer projects and associated data, and was part of a small team of auditors responsible for ensuring that the company continued to follow the ISO standards it was accredited for.

James maintains and calibrates Test Labs’ comprehensive selection of sensors and testing equipment, and builds bespoke test rigs that best utilise this equipment when Test Labs take on a study that requires some creative thinking. James uses his copy-editing experience to ensure Test Labs’ reports stay clear and concise, so the recipients know exactly what was found in answer to their difficult questions. James uses this eye for detail in other areas of the laboratory as well: after completing a study for a Test Labs customer, he was able to improve their calibration process and as a result, almost doubled the accuracy of their calibrated sensors.

Articles by James Tolmie

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