Test Labs, state of the art testing facility, launches

As the pandemic continues, we’ve become all too aware of the highlighted issues and obstacles encountered within hospital settings. Hospital equipment and products are becoming inefficient due to repeated use, they’re incompatible with disinfection processes and are subject to ineffective cleaning procedures. Testing and maintenance is required to ensure equipment remains effective and reliable when you need it most, at this difficult time of increased pressure and beyond.

Through feedback from industry specialists, we recognise that healthcare is changing and achieving the bare minimum is not enough. We’re pleased to introduce Test Labs, a new initiative from the healthcare decontamination innovators, Inivos.

The benefits of Test Labs

We offer a full range of tests within our state-of-the-art facilities, including HALT testing, efficacy testing and material compatibility testing. We also work with you to develop best-practice cleaning protocols that are unique to you and your exact needs.

Our HALT testing exposes materials, devices or entire systems to the most commonly used cleaning and decontamination technologies, in order to assess how they would perform in real-world settings to determine whether they’re suitable for use in a healthcare environment.

In conjunction with HALT testing, we perform material compatibility testing where we can process samples of a material to assess changes in physical properties during the test.

Our efficacy testing will ensure your cleaning protocols using surface disinfectants are in line with requirements and the regulations of biocides imposed by the EN. We also offer both VHP and UV-C technology testing capability, with specialised test cabinets that meet all the relevant EN standards.

Why use Test Labs

We are proud to be one of the few facilities in the UK to offer testing for systems based on both UV-C and hydrogen peroxide vapour, with proven, in-depth knowledge of hospital decontamination, acquired through over 12+ years’ experience in the field.

With our expertise in infection control and prevention, our testing services can ensure your products and equipment will perform effectively, withstanding a range of decontamination and cleaning technologies, and meet industry requirements.

As the healthcare landscape changes, our decontamination processes must also, and Test Labs welcomes the opportunity of becoming your partner in testing suitability of products and equipment throughout the duration of these changes and beyond.

Contact us for more information and to discuss your requirements.

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