Mould Survey

Our mould survey reports will provide definitive evidence of mould growth which a standard visual inspection cannot.

About our Mould and Damp Survey Service

We offer a mould survey service that provides laboratory confirmation with regard to the presence of mould growth within properties. Both surface and air sampling testing are available.

Surface sampling is used to determine the presence of mould along with the verification of mould growth. The results in the survey report provide microbiological evidence, produced against industry standards together with images of sample locations and growth results.

Air sampling testing is used in determining the likelihood of mould spore inhalation. An air sample is taken by collecting and enumerating the airborne viable particles using a bio sampler. A bio sampler device, when deployed in the property, forces a volume of air onto a growth plate, which is then incubated, cultured and assessed for mould growth. The results obtained from this air test method, provide microbiological evidence of mould spores presence in the air.

TestLabs mould survey reports provide definitive evidence of mould growth which a standard visual inspection cannot offer. Standard visual inspections rely solely on photographic evidence and, in some cases, temperature, humidity and dampness measurements. All these parameters are known to be proxy measures which do not provide any biological and statistical evidence.

As part of the Microbiological Environmental Monitoring Service, TestLabs will collect environmental samples from the site, and transport samples to the laboratory for processing and analysis. The service will include the following stages: 

1. On-site sample collection and transport to Test Labs accredited and certified laboratory (Peterborough, UK)
2. Sample processing at Test Labs (Peterborough, UK)
3. Analysis and Reporting: after finishing the processing of the samples, data will be collected, analysed and presented in a QC checked and signed report.

Our Mould Survey Process

Test Labs mould survey reports are often used with the Housing Disrepair and Environmental Protection Act claim types. We also support our clients with Pre-works and Post-works inspections.

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