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Tests Labs was delighted to have a student from the Deepings School join us for work experience. Sophie Whittaker (17) spent 2 weeks in the laboratory learning more about chemistry, microbiology and material science shadowing our experienced team. Some of the techniques Sophie was able to participate in included titrations, dilutions, and calibrations giving her experience in the fundamental skills of a laboratory. Test Labs was able to offer an insight into the day-to-day business processes of a working environment, here’s her feedback on her experience:


What were you hoping to gain from work experience?

“I wanted to learn more about what a career in a lab/science would be like. I have also never had a job before, so I was looking forward to having some experience of a job/workplace in general”.


What did you enjoy the most about work experience?

“I enjoyed being in the lab doing some titrations as well as shadowing James during Ultra V stress testing. I have also learnt that I really enjoy the business-related topics after engaging in several meetings and learning about the financial side of things”.

What would you change? What was your most challenging moment?

“If I could change one thing it would be to try and keep more records/paperwork instead of just watching tests so that I could have more to keep hold off at the end of the 2 weeks. The most challenging moment was having confidence in myself at the beginning of the week but this got much easier throughout my 2 weeks at Test Labs”.


What did you learn about yourself, your chosen profession, and your plans for the future? 

“The past 2 weeks have reinforced the fact that I want to study chemistry at university and go on to working in a laboratory in the future. Work experience has taught me that a degree in science in not limited to one subject only and there are many opportunities and pathways to take. For example, working at Test Labs I have been able to learn chemistry, microbiology and material science as well as how they all link together”.

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