HALT Testing

We can test products for exposure to decontamination technologies and produce a detailed report on the results.

Highly Accelerated Life-cycle Testing (HALT) simulates the repeated use of a product over the course of its entire lifetime. With HALT testing, you can pinpoint a products weak points and enhance its reliability before you even bring it to market – or validate its reliability throughout its life.

Our HALT testing exposes materials, devices or entire systems to the most commonly used cleaning and decontamination technologies, in order to assess how they would perform in real-world settings over the course of their useful life. Our HALT testing follows a three-step process. First, we determine the typical lifetime exposure of the product. Then we design a test that replicates its exposure to cleaning and decontamination technologies throughout that time. Finally, we share our results and design a cleaning protocol that fits with real-world usage and the needs of hospitals.

Analysis, Design, Results diagram


At the end of the process, we create a detailed report on the objects exposure, including a full description of the testing setup and technology we used.

Our test results offer direct applicability to real-life use cases, with no need for complex extrapolations. For example, if we carried out 100 hours of UV-C exposure, that would directly equate to 133 Ultra-V cycles, which could represent a single years exposure.

Additional Services

Our service can also include carrying out a post-exposure assessment, based on calibration drift values or visual inspection. We can also work to custom test protocols, once agreed with you.

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