Chris Cowdery

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Chris has a first class Master’s degree in Computer Systems Engineering, and is a Chartered Engineer. His Master’s thesis described a novel way to perform real-time speech compression using the Discrete Wavelet Transform.

Chris started his career developing parts of the outboard SONAR suite for the UK’s Trafalgar class nuclear submarines for a major defence contractor. He followed this with a period working for a high-end hi-fi company, designing the hardware for an all-in-one CD player / Tuner / Amplifier followed by the firmware for the DVD player. Chris was then head-hunted and moved to NXT, known for their flat panel loudspeaker technology. During his decade there, he worked on a variety of blue sky research programmes, covering diverse areas such as high speed data communication, printed electronics and haptics. From NXT, Chris went on to a smart pet product company as the first engineer, helping to build the engineering team from scratch. He led the technical development of the electronics and firmware for a number of highly successful products, shipping in the hundreds of thousands. The product range broke new ground by being the first range of internet connected pet products, with Chris being responsible for the products themselves and the IoT gateway.

Throughout his career, Chris has been fortunate to work on a very diverse range of technologies, a few of them being: IoT, RFID, Flat Panel Loudspeakers, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Touchscreens, Real-time operating systems, and audio amplifiers.

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