Microbiological Environmental Monitoring

We perform Microbiological Environmental Monitoring Testing as a means of measuring the levels of contamination in the Air, Water, and Surfaces. We offer this service to Healthcare providers in the form of a Clinical Study, and also to Manufacturers and Industrial settings as a routine service.
Hands in blue PPE gloves conduct environmental testing over a sink

This service typically includes an initial visit to your setting to determine the sampling points and develop a custom test plan. Afterwards, we go on-site to take care of the sampling process, and then return the samples to Test Labs for analysis environment.



With the purpose of measuring air cleanliness, our Environmental Monitoring service includes Air Sampling.

  • Bio Sampler: we measure the microbial contamination in the air by collecting and enumerating the airborne viable particles using a bio sampler. Our in-house quantitative method is based on BS EN 17141:2020.
  • Settle Plates: to obtain qualitative data and identify potential trends in airborne contamination, we perform passive air monitoring using settle plates. Our in-house method is based on BS EN 17141:2020.


We measure biocontamination of non-porous surfaces by performing surface sampling using the following methods:

  • Swab Test: this test consists of testing the required surfaces with a moistened swab. Our method is based on EN 17141:2020 and BS EN ISO 14698.
  • Contact Plate Test: this test consists of exposing a contact plate to the tested surface. Our method is based on ISO 14644-1:2015 and ISO 21501-4:2018.



Our environmental monitoring services include Microbiological analysis of water via membrane filtration. To meet the requirements of all of our customers, we use a wide variety of selective media, which allows us to achieve the most representative quantitative or qualitative results. We are capable of offering this service for pharmaceutical grade water, commercial grade water and healthcare grade water.

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